Foreclosures recorded in the last week

238 sheriff’s deeds were filed with the Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Office in the past week (October 8 through October 12).

With County offices closed on Monday, this amounted to an average of almost 60 sheriff’s deeds filed each day — the highest daily average since the beginning of 2007 and possibly the highest daily average ever.

Here’s who filed five or more of them:

Wells Fargo (42)
Deutsche Bank (35)
US Bank (29)
Dept of HUD (21)
Bank of New York (12)
Federal National Mortgage Assn (11)
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (9)
Household Realty (8)
Washington Mutual (6)
GMAC (5)

(Previous week.)

(Cross-posted from Cleveland Diary.)


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