Map: Wells Fargo properties in Cleveland

The second most active forecloser, and second biggest holder of foreclosed properties in the city of Cleveland, is Wells Fargo & Co., headquartered in San Francisco. Unlike Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo is a major subprime lender in the Cleveland market; it originated almost 2,000 Cuyahoga County mortgages in 2006 and nearly 900 in the first half of this year. But from January through June 2007, Wells Fargo started foreclosures on almost as many mortgages as it originated, and filed a completed sheriff’s deed for every two new mortages.

As of yesterday (October 29), according to the County Auditor, Wells Fargo held title to 443 properties in the city — up from 419 six weeks earlier.

Click on the graphic for a Google map of these properties (not including a few vacant lots without addresses).

(Map created with GPS Visualizer.)


One Response to Map: Wells Fargo properties in Cleveland

  1. lawgrace says:

    re: Due to Foreclosure Fraud, Some Homeowners Actually Still Own Their Properties

    Real estate foreclosures are bonanzas of deceptive lending because foreclosures enable PROPERTY FLIPPING, and flipping enables misleading investors concerning housing market profits! Because of FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES, SCORES OF PEOPLE HAVE NOT LAWFULLY LOST OWNERSHIP OF THEIR HOMES, AND LEGALLY ARE STILL THE OWNERS, but they do not know it! And, despite that some foreclosures are null, some homeowners are being sued for “DEFICIENCY.”

    Debt collector attorneys file foreclosures naming defunct mortgage companies, or companies which no longer hold the notes; or affix collectors’ fees exceeding “Acceleration Clauses.” If homeowners sue or “Unfair Debt Collection Practices,” collectors make more $$ through protracted litigations. Additionally, some collectors file in Bankruptcy Court falsified motions to “Lift Stay” pleadings for purposes of accomplishing SIMULATED AUCTIONS of real estate properties.

    In States like Louisiana, because Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac greatly benefit from fraudulent foreclosures ANY representation about $$$ billion dollar losses due to people defaulting on mortgages should be weighed against needless payments of legal fees to law firms which outmaneuver -and even persecute people who file court proceedings in opposition to fraudulent foreclosures and repossessions.

    Fact> For a purported debt of $86,000.00, through use of a non-existent mortgage company, attorneys racked up more than a quarter of a million dollars in litigation fees. Later, the property was sold to a 3rd party for $37,000.00. Investors got nothing, nothing practical was accomplished by evicting the homeowners, and neighborhood property values declined.

    In August 2005, Freddie Mac evicted property owners because Freddie Mac (FALSELY) claims to have purchased their property in year 2005, from a mortgage company which has been defunct since year 2002. **PROOF, including the “successor in interest” affidavit from that defunct company is posted at

    Securities Investors need to become more knowledgeable, responsible and take action about collectors as well as mortgage servicers’ misdeeds which hurts borrowers as well as siphons incalculable amounts of money from what Investors profit. Also, see “Limiting Abuse and
    Opportunism By Mortgage Servicers,” AND “Private Property Rights Deferred: Has Predatory Mortgage Servicing Destroyed The American Dream” by Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq.,and Leroy Jones, Jr., J.D. at
    Here’s a few more links:

    -Mortgage Mess, Foreclosure Fraud and Impediments to Justice


    -Comment on the Foreclosure of Judge Reginald Badeaux’s Home

    -Federal Judges’ Pay Raise; New Orleans Federal Judiciary Call To Impeach
    Barbara Ann Jackson
    Law & Grace, Inc

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