The week(s) that was

In the the last two weeks:

Federal judge accuses mortgage lenders of hijacking foreclosure system for profits

Judge Demands Documentation in Foreclosures

Subprime mess is a crime story

Fixing foreclosure’s ground zero

Consumer, Poverty Groups Oppose Predatory Mortgage Bill

House OKs bill to get tough on mortgage lenders

Ohio’s anti-foreclosure plan is reasonable, restrained; lenders must be more flexible

NE Ohio in Top 10 in recent foreclosures

Foreclosures Hit a Snag for Lenders

Cleveland Federal Judge: Dismisses 32 Foreclosures For Lack Of Proof

Where Cleveland went wrong

Upscale Shaker Heights fighting foreclosure pockets

Mortgage-fraud task force opens command center in Cleveland

Need Housing Advice?

Mortgage lenders reject Strickland plan on foreclosure crisis

State to get tough on lenders that foreclose

And here’s one we missed, from the Dayton Daily News:

Our View: Treat mortgage lenders like polluters


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