Foreclosure deeds recorded in the past week… vacation’s over

(c/p CCD)

179 sheriff’s deeds were filed with the Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Office in the past week (January 7 through January 11).

This total does not include 119 vacant lots taken (or taken back) by the City of Cleveland’s Land Bank.

Here’s who filed five or more:

Deutsche Bank (26)
Wells Fargo (23)
US Bank (20)
Department of HUD (18)
Federal National Mortgage Assn (10)
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (9)
Bank of New York (7)
Lasalle Bank (5)

(Previous week.)

Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo are among the 21 mortgage lenders and securitizers named in the City of Cleveland’s public nuisance lawsuit, filed Thursday. US Bank, the Bank of New York and Lasalle Bank are not.

New York Times story on the lawsuit this morning.

P.S. The lawyers and Court TV obsessives among us can get a free download here of CSU law professor Kathleen Engel’s 2005 paper, “Do Cities have Standing? Redressing the Externalities of Predatory Lending”, published in the Connecticut Law Review. Among other things, the paper discusses “public nuisance” as a possible basis for city claims against predatory lenders. (Thanks, Frank Ford.)


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